How have people felt about risk in 2020? And how can we better manage it for investors moving forward?

The suitability of financial planning and advice has, again, come into sharp focus against the backdrop of broader events this year.

In mid-March, we witnessed some of the most dramatic daily market drops since before the Great Depression – while, in early June, the FCA announced a ban on contingent charging amid ongoing unease surrounding defined benefit pension transfers in the example of British Steel workers.

Suitability has sat at the heart of Dynamic Planner since its birth in 2003 – enabling UK advice firms to match people, their clients, with portfolios through engaging financial plans.

Dynamic Planner is also employed by fund managers and portfolios services – including, since early 2018, Clever Adviser – to risk profile or risk target more than £220bn of investments, today representing more than 1,400 funds for advice firms to comprehensively research and recommend to their clients.

Life rarely stands still – although, ironically, Q2 2020 might be an exception through the strict lockdown in the UK because of Covid-19 – which is why at Dynamic Planner we too never stand still.

Not only are we currently busy rebuilding Dynamic Planner, so it more intuitively fits in with the future demands of financial planning and advice – we have also taken time to gauge the temperature, so to speak, of the average investor and advice firm in 2020. What are they thinking and how are they feeling amid everything which has happened so far this year?